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Jengafilm conceives, writes, and narrates stories in the form of moving pictures. Because we have the capacity to manage each step of the making of a film, from development to post-production, we could be defined as a “turn-key DVD or Blue-Ray producer".


We see ourselves as a network of filmmaking experts. We are able to produce both medium and large budget TV advertisement films. Although we are committed to serving our clients' needs, and to building their brands, we believe that our artistic creativity can be beneficial in a commercial setting. 


For our commercial clients, we produce TV advertisment films, company documentaries, interactive videos, live events and special projects which require a high-tech environment, as well as innovation and creativity. 


For our institutional clients, we produce films, short films, documentaries, docufiction, film portraits, installations and non-profit advertisement films. For ourselves, we write and make films and web-TV series.


We have worked with comedians, doctors, lawyers and indeed with actors. The latter, albeit being quite peculiar, are the spice of our productions.


We tell stories through images.